The youth of today should not just be a witness to the current technological revolution, but must be an active part of it.

The echoes of the success story of Gujarat are being heard throughout the world. The Gujarati community has long been known as a hard working community. Along with the Rajasthanis, the Gujarati community has brought the nation face to face with a new industrial revolution. Today a vibrant Gujarat is doing wonders for the country and entire Gujarat is marching towards new heights of industrialization. Such is the magic of Gujarat's land that has given birth to some of the gems of modern India. The province of Kutch is like a factory that is known for producing hard working and enterprising entrepreneurs and by the virtue of their hard work they have created a special place for themselves in the country and the world. The Kutchi community has earned great popularity in Mumbai the industrial capital of the country. We, at Mumbai take pride in introducing one more visionary industrialist who is a living inspiration to the new generation, Shri Ratanshi Nanji Bhawani.

The Kutchi community of Mumbai has earned a unique identity of its own. This community is known to be an industrious and hard working community. They are prosperous today, but their prosperity is hard earned; right from small to middle class then upper class. They started from scratch and have reached the peak today. One man who embarked on this tumultuous journey and emerged victorious is ratanshi nanji Bhawani. Ratanshi Nanji Bhawani was born in Kutch Gujarat on the 25th of August, 1952 and in the year of 1965 in the village of Pulgaon, Dist. Vardha, Maharashtra, he started a small business of timber and tried to accumulate as much as knowledge as he could about timber. This is where he laid the first foundation stone of his future empire. In 1986 a young Ratanshi came to Mumbai and started a timber business in the area of Kurla by the name of Kurla Saw Mill. In the span of 25 years this business enjoyed a gargantuan growth thanks to Ratanshi's unmatched business acumen and experience that turned his humble journey into a great, continuously growing success story. Then in 1999 he established "Timber and Ply" at Saki Naka and opened a huge showroom and further went on to acquire the distributorship of Yug Col(Maharashtra and Goa)and kept working hard towards his goal. Today Ratanshi Nanji Bhawani is revered in the wood industry sector of Mumbai and stands as an inspirational figure. Ratanshi has two sons, his elder son neetesh Ratanshi Bhawani is active in the interiors industry since 1999 and is carrying forward the legacy of his father while Ratanshi's younger son Dinesh Ratanshi Bhawani has done his Masters in interior designing from University of Arts,LCC, London. While pursuing the educational goals, he has also lead the designing team and successfully completed several projects for Maratino's Design firm. After returning back, having learnt the modern techniques, he is actively engaged in taking his father's initiatives to greater heights.

Under the leadership of Ratanshi Nanji Bhawani, R.N Traders, Saki Naka Timber and Ply and Adhesive Group Distribution company are operating very successfully. Not only is Shri Ratanshi a man of simplicity, he has also earned a great deal of popularity and goodwill among his peers. Transparency and straightforwardness form his eternal strength. Hard work and dedication to work are his mottos which he passes on to everyone and he especially wants to tell the youth that –"You must be well acquainted with the latest technological advancements and should be a part of the modern infrastructural revolution. The new generation must be aware of the evolving industrial techniques and equipment that will enable them to have in depth knowledge of all the aspects of industrial growth." Along with this one must work very hard and seriously complete the task that has been assigned. He also states that if we all collectively take up our work as a mission and work together learning from our seniors and sharing our experiences among ourselves, there is nothing that we cannot achieve. A brand new industrial revolution has just arrived in India. The modern infrastructural revolution is rapidly changing the face of India and the youth of this country must be a proactive part of this transition, for this we need to get the correct educational resources for them to learn.

We have always been a society of rich cultural traditions and values. We all live together, learn together, celebrate our festivals together and even in a multicultural city like Mumbai we have maintained our values very firmly. Just like this we should never forget our values and keep adding new values to our culture so that our society keeps shining with pride and spreads this light throughout the world.