DinZiner9999 is a unique Interior Design firm that works as a one-stop shop for its clients. We provide a plethora of services that include specialized and customized designs as well as efficient and timely implementation of projects. We undertake projects for residential spaces, commercial spaces, offices, restaurants, hospitals and clinics and retail showrooms. Established in 2005, we have executed landmark projects such as a 7000 sq. ft. bungalow in Mathura, a 3000 sq. ft Max Vision Eye Hospital, a 10,000 sq. ft. factory office of Hira Prints Pvt. in Mahape, a 6000 sq. ft penthouse in Wadala, to name a few.

The idea of DinZiner9999 was conceived and implemented by Dinesh Bhawani, son of Ratanshi Nanji Bhawani founder of R. N Group and Saki Naka Timber and Ply. Dinesh has inherited entrepreneurship, business acumen and foresight from his father and has started his own business venture – DinZiner9999. Dinesh began his career in 2003 after completing his Masters in Interior Designing from University of Arts, LCC in London. Along with pursuing the curriculum he has lead the designing team for Maratino's Design Firm wherein he has successfully concluded various projects. His extensive experience – on the job and on the field, has lead to a high level of communication within the team and the clients which results in fulfilling the clients' requirements as per their exact terms.

Dinesh Bhawani and his dinZiner9999 creative team is very well respected by his peers in the interior design and architectural industries. Dinesh is very proud to say that most of their work comes from existing clients, whether it is requesting new work for them or referring other people as new clients, which is always a good testament to any company's success.

At DinZiner9999, we are willing to work around your existing pieces of furniture to make it all work together and take pride in this. We will always give you our honest opinion and advice. We will create a tailor-made scheme that will suit your personality, lifestyle and budget.

Our whole team is very professional and experienced. We love what we do, which becomes evident the very moment you contact us. We get satisfaction from working very closely with our clients and helping them achieve the space they wish for. Our philosophy has always been to look after each and every client exceptionally well.

Dinesh Bhawani says "We are involved in decisions about people's homes, interpreting the way they wish to live and what they like to say about themselves. We are mainly involved in the interior design and decorating of homes and apartments." He says "A lot of the time, residential work consists of re-decorating or re-designing existing rooms using possessions that the client already owns. The approach is always very personal."

Our clientele is sustained - they choose us for time and again for their various projects. When it is their second, third or fourth home and their homes are getting more expensive, they no longer want to try and decorate themselves. What they want is to eliminate the hassle and stress; they don't want to waste days or weeks running around and progressing at snail's pace, making costly mistakes which they have to live with. They want professional advice to help create a complete look that may be a little or a lot different than what they are used to, and different from everybody else's home.

We welcome your enquiry to see how we can best help you with your interior design and interior decorating needs. Remember, we will always give you our honest opinion and advice.