Our philosophy has always been to look after each and every client exceptionally well, be it for architecture, planning, or interior design. From initial concept till the completion of the project, attention to detail is always a priority.

We provide our expertise for the residential as well as the commercial spaces and our experience as the Interior design consultants makes us dependable for the inside and the outside facade of the project that we undertake. Starting with the architectural layout, progressing to filling up the living or working space with life that signifies its occupants. Every space is unique, in terms of its environment and its occupants; understanding this results in the design that is exclusive to that space.

Our work begins with conceptual design

Having an initial interview with the clients and understanding their requirements, discussing the resource requirements and constraints. Solving their queries and helping them understand the technicalities involved in the work.

We then start with computer or hand generated conceptual designs based on our understanding of the clients' requirements and getting them approved from the clients.

Design work and Construction drawings

This Includes

  • Actual plans of any construction changes, if any.
  • All interior and exterior elevations.
  • Millwork drawings of custom designed woodwork, cabinets,
  • all types of furniture, etc.
  • Schedules of windows, doors, plumbing fixtures and appliances.

Furniture and finishes

This Includes

  • Furniture plans based upon new and existing furniture.
  • Selection of furnishings including wall coverings, paint and faux finishes, window treatments, flooring light fixtures, etc.
  • Custom finishes unique to a project.
  • Art selection and consultation to the client.

Project management

This Includes

  • Co-ordination of plans with the architect or the engineer.
  • Synchronisation with the A/V, lightning, security or life safety consultants.
  • Selection and appointment of contractor on clients' behalf.
  • Supervision of on-going work carried on by the contractor.
  • Installation of accessories and furnishings.
  • Phasing projects to adapt to the budget requirements.