• To be among the Top 3 leadership position in our area of Business.
  • To continuously create new opportunities for growth in our strategic business.
  • To be the most preferred partner for all our customers.
  • To provide innovative solutions to our customers.

Core Values

The operating structure, policies, business plants and overall objective of Ratanshi Nanji Group will be based and guided by following core value system.

Knowledge: Ratanshi Nanji Group is a continually learning organization, believing in sharing our knowledge.
Integrity: Honesty, meritocracy and transparency are the underlying principles in carrying out all the functions of the company.
Respect for Individual: Each member of Ratanshi Nanji Group family is recognized as an invaluable asset to the organization.
Commitment to Organization's Objectlives: At Ratanshi Nanji Group organization objectives supersede all other individual presence or priorities.
Cost Effectiveness: Being cost effective is not a part of business need at Ratanshi Nanji Group But, individual consciousness and way of life.
Sharing Prosperity: Growth and Prosperity is result of team performance and not individual efforts, hence, Ratanshi Nanji Group believes in fairly sharing the fruits with all.

Quality Policy

Our Company strives to Trade and develop products through extensive Research Development teamwork and leadership efforts with a common goal of achieving TOTAL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.


Ratanshi Nanji Group will relentlessly work towards achieving excellence in quality and cost effectiveness by

Ethical & Social Policy

Social and Ethical responsibility of Ratanshi Nanji Group is addressed towards all interest groups who are identified as:

Society in General: Recognizes its responsibility towards society and obligations towards environment protection. It treats this at par with concern management practices in accordance with Government regulation and international practices.
Employees: Ethical responsibility towards employees shall be discharged on following guidelines: Uphold equal values at work. High concern for health and family life. Balance between work and family life. Provide growth opportunities by enhancing knowledge and training.
Government: we believe that the regulations implemented by the Government are in the best interest of the country and therefore we will fulfill our obligation towards the nation by: Abiding by the law of the land. Paying taxes and dues fully timely and honestly.
Business Associates: Believes in nurturing relationship with Customers, Vendors Bankers Shareholders Creditors. Channel partners etc. based on partnership and win – win approach.